You’re here because you’re bored, unmotivated, or your current group fitness classes aren’t delivering results. Or, maybe your friend couldn’t stop yapping about CrossFit (sorry about that!) and you want to know what all the fuss is about… but you’re a bit hesitant given what you’ve read, heard or seen. We know how you feel!

By design, Daybreak does CrossFit differently. Saddled between Wayland and Sudbury, we know our members don’t want (nor need) the hard-core style of fitness so prevalent in CrossFit gyms. So we’ve created an approachable, yet appropriately difficult, CrossFit experience that keeps members motivated, accountable and wildly committed.

Are you …

unmotivated?short on time?scared to start?bored of the same routine?prone to injury?


Short on Time?Unmotivated?Prone to Injury?Scared to Start?

We can HELP! Our coaches prioritize YOUR goals, YOUR safety, and YOUR results.

Our coaching staff is built by and around owner/coach Mel Ockerby, a Level 3 Trainer and former CrossFit Seminar Staff member. Less than 1% of all CrossFit Trainers hold this Level 3 credential which signifies experience, advanced coaching knowledge, and coaching efficacy. Our team also live here, work here, and send our kids to school here… so we know our community and we know it well.

In other words, Daybreak is uniquely skilled at getting to know our members, their goals and then individualizing our class-based workouts to help them pursue their “better”.

So… how will YOU define YOUR BETTER?

I want to LEAN OUT

I need the motivation and accountability to help me lose weight, tone out and look frickin’ amazing in a bathing suit.

I want to be HEALTHY

I need to form good habits to boost my immune system, lower my blood pressure and/or improve my overall well-being.

I want to be STRONG

I want to feel strong and capable, and build lean muscle mass without looking like I “pick things up and put them down”!

I want more ENERGY

I want a fitness lifestyle that helps me boost my energy levels throughout the day (and night) *wink – wink*

I don't want to SLOW DOWN

I’m in my 40s, 50s or even 60s… and I want to get fit, stay fit and kick ass for years to come!

But don’t just take our word for it … read what REAL MEMBERS have to say.