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As a curmudgeonly physician with chaotic schedules and lack of sleep, I was finding it very difficult to follow an exercise and nutrition regimen with any meaningful regularity. I stumbled upon Daybreak CrossFit as they were the only one's polite enough to respond to my calls. I was very anxious as it had been some time since I was in a gym and did not want to make a fool of myself. While I'm not sure if I ever really avoided the latter, Daybreak is without question the most significant investment I've made in personal health in many years. Mel and the team have a "religious devotion" to safety and tailoring a plan that is clearly individualized to best address one's fitness goals from the time one ventures inside. Mel has set the tone by a thoughtful understanding of the full spectrum of peoples needs and has established a uniquely welcoming environment. She is constantly considering new and innovative methods for community health outreach which is supported by hand picked coaches who focus on the members. This is definitely not the aggressively competitive environment of people seeking medals and awards, but rather the camaraderie of getting healthier together or in private sessions. The atmosphere is extremely supportive and friendly, with people collaborating to achieve a common goal of health, fitness and social connections.Daybreak is definitely the "jewel in the crown" of preventative health care and fitness in Wayland, and I cannot recommend the team highly enough for their clear commitment to people of all ages and all more
Max Weinmann
Max Weinmann
22:28 14 Nov 17
Fitness and "working out" will never be the same. Daybreak is life changing in the most positive way. Mel and her staff are incredibly talented, skilled and will change your life and body like you can't imagine. Everything you need and beyond to change your entire fitness, health and lifestyle, results are tangible for the first time ever!read more
Cynthia Campobasso
Cynthia Campobasso
01:28 04 Sep 17
I left long course triathlon due to burnout. Jumped into Crossfit July 2017 with Mel, Erica, Bill, Michele, Jackson - hope I didn't miss anyone. I was TERRIFIED. They could not have been nicer to me. Extremely helpful with technique. Safety is paramount with these folks. I've had rotator cuff surgery and really had no upper body strength, just lots of endurance. Every coach has been supportive and provided modifications. I am getting much stronger and every class I feel like I get an excellent workout. Every member is welcoming and really nice. The best gym of which I have ever been a more
Michele C
Michele C
16:11 14 Nov 17
Love it here! Experience coaching, awesome community!!
Sarah Coscia
Sarah Coscia
20:42 30 Jan 18
I have been to other boxes and I love the different character and feel of most of them. Daybreak is all about the coaches. It still blows my mind how hard they work at every class. I feel like I have a personal trainer monitoring my workouts, my progress and my motivation level. The coaches spend time on everything from injury prevention to nutrition. I have been here for 18 months and I can't imagine not having this place to come 3-5 times per week. There is a wide variety of class times and options for specialty workouts each week. The members are great and are very inviting. You can walk into any class and feel welcome.In case you can't tell...I think this place is amazing!read more
Russell Spencer
Russell Spencer
00:33 27 Oct 15
I had a great drop in class. The gym is huge with plenty of equipment. It’s clean and the locker rooms are the nicest ones I’ve ever seen at a CrossFit. Everyone was very friendly from the coach to the other athletes. If I didn’t live in NY, this would become by regular more
David Scharf
David Scharf
15:25 09 Sep 18
I was a little unsure about trying cross fit but Erica made me feel at home right away. I was worried that I would be the only one who could not do a perfect squat or 10 burpees without throwing up but thankfully she tailored the workout to my fitness level and made sure I was doing everything with proper form.The new facility in Acton was hard to find in the dark (apparently the signage is purchased and on the way) but once i got inside I found a state of the art facility with water fountain, apparatus for chin ups and plenty of barbells and weights.The space is great- all you have to do is show up and try your best - so much better than trying to push yourself on your own at the more
Barry Roche
Barry Roche
20:59 16 Oct 18


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