EVENT: SAT JUNE 10 – 5th Internal Team Competition + Social

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Oh yes! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and that can only mean one thing… well, it means two things. It means there are no clouds and we have happy birds in New England. AND it also means the Daybreak Cup is again up for the taking!

This is our annual (or sometimes semi-annual) internal competition that is FREE and is for ALL DAYBREAK MEMBERS! It’s a low-key, member-friendly competition designed for veteran CrossFitters and newbies alike!

All you have to do is sign up and we will create equal teams for you… no need to panic. Your team will compete against other Daybreak teams in a series of 2-5 WODs. We will keep this post at the top of the daily WODs page, so keep checking back for more information including team assignments and workout descriptions.

Scroll down for all you need to know. And if you’re not sure what all this hullabaloo is about, come see Mel, Rap or one of the coaches!

2014: Dave, Brent and Sara

2015 Spring: Will, Matt and Lourdes

2015 Fall: Nic, Kristen and Kevin

2016: Justin, Carrie and Brandon


DATE: Saturday, June 10th
LOCATION: Daybreak CrossFit
WHO: Daybreak CrossFit Members Only (However, family and kids should come cheer you on and/or join us for the social!)
 8:30 am
FIRST WOD: 9:00 am
LAST WOD / SOCIAL BEGINS: 12:00 pm-ish
FOOD & DRINK: This will be a pot-luck, so bring whatever food you’ve indicated on the sign-up sheet. Bring a cooler if you want to keep your beverages cold… we will have limited space in our fridge. We’ll also have a grill to BBQ up the meats! (By the way, each year’s spread is to DIE FOR… Daybreakers are serious foodies in disguise!)
EXTRAS: We recommend you bring a lawn chair in order to watch the throwdown more comfortably or chill out between rounds.
COST: FREE! We love our members.

Sign-up sheet at Front Desk for athletes and spectators. Simply write your name, whether you are going to participate in the WODs and what dish/side/treat you are bringing.


FRAN Jess F Kevin M Dusty
DIANE Carrie Emeritt Morgan B
CHRISTINE Willis Brian C Megha
EVA Bill B Todd W Amanda C
KAREN Pete Cory Dave S
ANGIE Pancho Daniel Libbi
BARBARA Neal Tyler PS Katherine
JACKIE Jim B Britt Ashley S
CINDY Mark Tartufo Michelle H
MARY Mikey C Cheryl Tara
NANCY Seanna Lourdes Martin
ANNIE Zev Heather Sarah M
LINDA Jen B Beth Nate
GWEN Chris L Melissa Steve
ISABEL Katy Nicole Ray
HELEN Ritika Brian P Ryan
GRACE John PS Bethann Sara B
KELLY Joseph Owen Judson
AMANDA Cindy Bruce Sam B



The 100’s
100 Calorie Bike – Hold: Bottom of squat
100 Thrusters (45/65/95) – Hold: Kettlebell in the rack position
100 Ring Rows/Pull Ups/C2B – Hold: Plank (on hands)
100 Hang Cleans (45/65/95) – Hold: Plate overhead (25#)

Athlete one will bike while athlete two holds the bottom and athlete three rest. Once all 100 calories are complete, the team will move to thrusters. Each athlete must choose from the following weights (45, 65 or 95#) and only use that weight. While one athlete is doing thrusters, another is holding a 35# kettlebell in the rack position and the third is resting. Once the 100 thrusters are complete, the team will move to pull ups. Once athlete does ring rows, one will do pull ups another will do chest to bar pull ups. While one athlete works, one is doing a plank, and the third is resting. Once all 100 pulling movements are complete, the team will move to hang cleans. Each athlete will choose a weight (45, 65 or 95#). While one athlete works, the other will hold a plate overhead and the third will rest. Score is your team’s total time.


500/400 m Row
15 Burpees – to 25# plate
20 Box Jumps (24/20/Step Up)
25 Sit Ups/Knee Ups/Toes to Bar

Athlete 1 will row the set distance for men (500m) or women (400m), then advance to burpees (jumping to a 25# plate), then box jumps and finally the midline exercise. Athlete two will start when athlete one has moved to the burpees. Athlete two cannot advance until athlete one has moved to the next station. Two athletes cannot be at the same station at the same time. Athlete three starts when athlete two has advanced to the burpees and cannot continue forward until athlete two has moved on to the next exercise. Athletes will choose who does 24″, 20″ or step ups. And who will do sit ups, knee ups or toes to bar. Score is the time when athlete 3 finishes his/her last midline exercise.


Heavy Day
2 Front Squats + Jerk
* 6 minute cap

From a rack, each athlete will lift the heaviest weight they can for the above complex. Score is total weight





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  1. Colburn Sat 06.10.2017 at 1:50pm

    This was my first competition and it was a ton of fun! Thanks to Willis for pulling Megha and me along.

    Great job to the coaches for pulling off a really fun and organized event!

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