Social at DCF North: TOMORROW 10/12, we’re inviting ALL Daybreak members (both Wayland AND Acton) to WOD and/or socialize post workout at our Acton location. WOD heats will start at 5pm on a first come first serve basis, and will run every 10 minutes until 6:30p. If you can’t make the workout, no problem! Come join the fun at 6:30p. There will be smoked meats, healthy sides and dessert. BYOB! To give us an idea of how much food to prepare please sign up at the front desk by TODAY


Back Squat
5×5, across

Split Jerk
5×3, across

WOD Guidance & Goal: Coaches will help you build to 75-80% of your 1 rep max for both movements. All sets will be performed at the same weight. The weight should feel heavy but not heavy enough that you fail any sets. Take :90-2 minutes between sets.

Post Weights to Comments. Compare scores HERE and HERE


clean pull + clean
Build to heavy

Front squat
5×2 at 100% of clean and jerk weight