Congratulations Jon (Wayland) and Rich (Acton) for winning this year’s NEW-trition Challenge!!

Jon lost 13.2 pounds (5.5% of his bodyweight) and 9.25 inches. Rich lost 16 pounds (7.2% of his bodyweight) and 5.6 inches. Both winners had consistently good daily points with only a couple “treats” during the 4 week challenge. Jon and Rich are feeling energized, their clothes fit better and their workouts are faster/heavier.

Other Members Who Kicked Butt!

Lori – lost 7.8 pounds and 7.8 inches!
Erin K – lost 9 pounds and 6.15 inches. She also cooked up a storm to help herself and husband Rich (our winner) achieve their success!
Pancho – lost 11 pounds and 5 inches and didn’t have 1 donut for 4 weeks!
Katie – lost 7.6 pounds and 5.25 inches
Heather C – lost 6 pounds and 7.8 inches
Libbi and Sarah L- had no treats, Perfect food scores,  for 4 weeks!
Alex – lost 7.7 pounds
Michelle S – lost 5.75 pounds