A) 4 sets 3 position power snatch (hips, above knee, below knee) @70%
B) 4 sets 3 position snatch @80%
C) 5×3 overhead squat holds (take bar from the rack) (hold bottom position for 3 secs, each rep) go by feel regarding weight, ideally 50-65% of snatch 1rm

A) 5×1 tempo power snatch (super slow pull, fast and snappy at extension and catch)  @70%
B) 5×1 tempo snatch @75-80%
C) 3xmax effort snatch pull @1rm snatch (set is terminated when you let go of the bar, or can’t pull the bar past your belly button.)

A) build to tonights heaviest complex: 1 clean +3 front squats+jerk
B) drop by 10-20 lbs from heaviest successful weight of the complex, then perform 5×1 clean and jerks
C) 5 sets of 10 dips/weighted dips

A) work up to todays 3 rep front squat
B) work to a heavy 1 rep front squat
C) 3×2 Jerks @85-90% of 1rm c&j