• BEAST COAST BARBELL: Mock meet on Saturday April 27th at 10:30a in Wayland
  • BRING A FRIEND DAY: Saturday, May 4th bring a friend to any of our classes 7a, 8a (for both gyms!), and 9a. Please have your buddy complete our online participation agreement (Wayland HERE. Acton HERE) before arriving.
  • CROSSFIT INJURY PREVENTION & TREATMENT CLINIC: Our very own Daybreaker, Dr. Jamal DeVita of DeVita Chiropractic will host a clinic on Saturday, May 11th from 8:00-9:00am in Acton. Dr. DeVita will show you how to prevent and, if needed, treat some of the more common CrossFit injuries. He’ll discuss when and how to use ice versus heat to treat sore spots. And he’ll review functional taping, what it is, why it works and he’ll include complimentary Rock Taping for anyone interested in trying it.
  • RUNNING CLINIC: We’ve had multiple requests for a running technique clinic. On Saturday, May 18th at 9a in Wayland, Mel will cover the basics of running and how to program running workouts into your weekly workout routine. Space is limited, sign up at the front desk by Wed 5/15.


Medball Clean (20/14)
Medball Sit Up (20/14)
Push Up

WOD Guidance & Goal: Keep the medball cleans and sit ups unbroken and do smart sets of push ups (do not go to failure). These are complimentary movements which means there should be little to no transition time. Target 12-15 minutes. 

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4 rounds
600m moderate, 300m sprint, 100m walk