• RUNNING CLINIC: Saturday, May 18th at 9a in Wayland. Space is limited, sign up at the front desk by TODAY May 15.
    • Monday 5/27 – Wayland: 7a and 9a. Acton: 9a


“The A Team”
Toes to Bar
Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
Jumping Lunges

WOD Guidance & Goal:
Don’t be fooled… this is a burner. Manage the early rounds by doing, at most, 2-3 sets per round. Modify(!) if you are breaking the early rounds up much more than that… for example, you should be doing sets of 7 for your first set of snatches, 6s for the round of 18, etc. This can get a little grippy so smart sets and short rests are key. When you get to the rounds of 9-6-3… hold on and finish it! Target 15-17 minutes to get the desired stimulus. 

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10 Rounds
Moderate 200m, 100m sprint, 100m easy