A) Emom10: 3 hang snatch (knee) @70%
B) Every 90 sec for 6 sets: 2 hang Snatch + snatch (floor) @80%
C) Every 2 mins for 4 sets: 1 hang snatch + 1 snatch @88%
A) 5x(3+1) Front squat + jerk (from the rack) @80% of c&j
B) 4x(2+1) front squat +jerk @85%
C) 3x(1+1) Front squat jerk @85-90% of C&j
A) 6×3 Back squat @80%
B) work up to heavy clean & jerk triple (not touch and go)
A) 6×3 front squat @80%
B) 7x(2+2) Snatch Pull + Below knee hang snatch @70-80%
Optional accessory work #1:
A) 5×5 strict press @50-60% of max jerk/c&J (which ever is higher)
B) 5×10 romanian Deadlift (stop at below knee, pull to full extension of hips & knees)
C) 5×10-15 push ups (use plates for deficit push ups if push ups are easy for you )

Optional accessory work #2:
A) 5×20 back extensions + 10 sec hold locked out at the 20th rep
B) 5×12 per arm single arm DB row (use a bench for the other arm) heavy as possible for all 12 consecutive reps