• RNG – Starts THIS SUNDAY 8/4 at 8a in ACTON!
  • Barbell – No class this Sat or Mon


“Open 19.1… Kinda*”
19 Calorie Row
19 Wall Balls (20/14)(10/9)

* We inadvertantly swapped the row and wallball for today. In the Open, the workout started with wallballs, the variation we are doing today starts with row. All fitness being equal, you will likely see a small decrease to your score because of the longer cycle time to get the row done versus the wall-balls. However, some of you fitness ninjas may see in an increase because you’re that much gosh darn fitter!

WOD Guidance & Goal:  This workout is all about the row. Women, try to hold 800-1000 cal/hour and men hold 1000-1300 cal/hour on the rower. Slow your cycle time on the wall balls and try to use them as the rest. Target 7-8 Rounds.

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30 min – 3 rounds of: 5 easy, 5 moderate