• BARBELL CLUB: Starts a new 8 week cycle TODAY!! Need to work on olympic lifting technique, build strength or do both? Consistently joining a barbell class will do just that. This week is the perfect time to start! You’ll build on your strength/technique from week to week and see/feel significant results in the next two months.
    • Wayland: Tues at 6:30a and Thurs 6:30p
    • Acton: Wed at 6:3op and Sat 8a
  • RISE-N-GRIND: Starts in Wayland TOMORROW SUNDAY 9/1 at 8am!
  • LABOR DAY SCHEDULE: 2 Classes, 7a and 9a ONLY at both locations!
  • TEEN CLASSES: Start next week 9/3. Classes will run Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:30p in both ACTON and WAYLAND


Clean + Jerk
7×2, across at 90-95%

30 Clean + Jerks (135/95)

WOD Guidance & Goals:
Coaches will help you work up to 90-95% (heavy) of your 1 rep max clean and jerk and you’ll hold that weight across for seven sets. Drop the barbell and reset between each rep. Take at least :60 to recovery between sets. Grace is a burner and ideally should be finished in 5 minutes or less. Use a weight you can cycle through at least 10 reps in a row before having to break. Then chip away at sets of 5 or singles. 

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