Beast Coast Barbell: “Thicko Mode Cycle” week 3 by Coach Jackson 

A) 3×5 front squat @80%
B) 3×2 @85%
C) 1×1 @93%
D) 1xmax reps @75% (try your best)
E) 4 sets of core complex
E1) 1:00 plank/weighted plank (you must be on your hands, no elbow)
E2) :30 side plank (L)
E3) :30 side plank (R)

Wednesday: (Yes squat everything, lol)
A) 5x(3+1) hang clean (knees) + Power jerk @70%-75%
B) 5×3 split jerk @75-80% (from the rack)
C) 4×10 strict Seated DB press (make it hard but not to failure)

A) 5x(5+5) hang snatch + [email protected]%
B) 4×2 below knee hang snatch @70-80%
C) 5X1 snatch deadlift @120%-130% 

A) 5x(3+1+1) 3 position clean (hips, above knee, floor) + power jerk+ split jerk @70%
B) 5x(3+1+1) clean pull + clean + jerk to @80%