• WHEN: THIS Saturday, September 21st 
  • TEAM CHECK-IN: 2:30p
  • FIRST WOD 3-5p
  • WHO: ALL Daybreakers: Noobies to Veterans… ALL fitness and experience levels will be able to compete in a low stress, friendly environment!
  • LOCATION: Our ACTON Location (53 Knox Trail)
  • BRING: A food item, beverage of choice and a chair to sit in to cheer on your fellow competitors.


Will, Singer and Lourdes… Our 2015 Champions!

The Champs. Dave, Brent and Sara

Fall 2015 Champs: Nic, Kristin + Kevin

2016 Champs: Justin, Carrie + Brandon

2017 Champs: Mikey, Cheryl + Tara

2018 Defending Champs: Melissa, Drew + Britt


TEAM Member Member Member
Glen Zev Lourdes Fergal
Zeus Rahul Nikki John P
Nate Ben E Erin K Katy
Clovis Melissa Pete Jon J
Holleyman Erin C Sebastian Megha
DT Cornish Gretchen Janice
Daniel Sarah L Jenna Sam
JT Anna Todd Alex
McGhee Julianna Andy A Tony P
The Chief Jackson Eric B Kelly
Josh Liz P Dusty Stuart
Murph Brett B Willis Amari
Nutts Martin Mariah Jacob
Wittman Mikey Lori Asa
Bull Angus Ted Amanda W
War Frank Cindy Neal Matthew
Blake Tyler Laura S Mike M
Chad Lynn N Deliana Ezra
Marston John E Cyrus Zach
Scooter Paulo Tara Brandy


500 Meter Row
21 Thrusters (35#)
30 Sit Ups

Athlete one rows five-hundred meters. As soon as he/she moves to thrusters athlete two will then row five-hundred meters. Then same with athlete three. Athlete one will move to sit ups once he/she is done with thrusters. Athlete two and three can only move forward to the next exercise once the athlete in front of them has moved on. Your score will be total time for all three athletes to clear the three exercises.

600 Meter Run
60 Pull Ups
60 Box Jumps (20″)
60 Power Cleans (85/65)
600 Meter Run

For workout two, only one person works at a time. For the run, each athlete will run two-hundred meters. Once the run is completed by all three athletes they will move on to pull ups (scale: ring rows no banded pull ups.) Athletes must do at least five reps (of the sixty) but cannot do more than 10 reps in a row. Once the team has completed pull ups they’ll move to box jumps (scale: step ups) at 20 inches. Again, all athletes must do at least 5 box jumps/step ups (of the sixty) but cannot do more than 10 reps per turn. Once box jumps are complete, the team moves to power cleans at either eight-five or sixty-five pounds (same rep rules apply) and then finishes with each athlete running another two-hundred meters. Scores will be total time.

100 Burpees
3 Rep Max Press

Teams will complete one-hundred burpees with one person working at a time. Once the burpees are complete, in the remaining time each athlete will establish a three rep max strict press. Your score is total weight. If your team does not complete the burpees your score is the number of burpees your team completed.