• THUR 10/31 HALLOWEEN: No 6:30p Classes!
  • BRING-A-FRIEND DAY: Is this Saturday, and every first Saturday of the Month!
  • SAT 11/2 at 10a in Wayland – Bonnie Chung DC,  from Fiola Chiropractic and a regular at the 12:30p class, will be address the function of the FOOT as it relates to the ground along with ankle mobility. Bonnie will discuss how your feet are the foundation and a source of stability from the ground up, cover how foot and ankle positioning and activation affects knee positioning and movement up the chain and workshopping some exercises for the foot and ankle to address mobility in all three planes of motion. Sign up at front desk!
  • SAT 11/23 at 10am in Acton – Martha Theirl PT, DPT, from Q4PT, will address the shoulder mobility, stability and exercises to maintain effective function and injury prevention. Sign up at the front desk!


“Lights Out”
500 Meter Row
20 Pull Ups
40/30 Calorie Bike
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
400 Meter Run
10 Bar Muscle Ups

WOD Guidance & Goals:
ALL the pulling! The row, bike and run will each take around 2 minutes to complete. To manage grip do the pull ups in sets of 5-10, the chest to bars in set of 2-5 and the bar muscle ups as singles. Target 12 minutes.

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