Get to know our latest Daybreakers of the Month!

These Daybreakers represent commitment and dedication to their fitness, health and well-being. They work hard, stay positive and help form the key threads of our community fabric. Get to know the current Daybreakers of the Month!

About Erin

Tell us about yourself outside of Daybreak CrossFit North.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York until I was 7 when my family picked up sticks and moved to Orono, Maine. I know what you’re thinking, city girl in the Maine woods? My Dad grew up spending the summers in rural Leeds, Maine so we had spent a bit of time during the summers as I grew up in the tranquility that Maine provides so it wasn’t a complete shock to the system. After all the schooling in Orono, including college at the University of Maine, I moved to Boston. It was Brighton really but that’s Boston right? There I met my husband, fellow Daybreaker, Rich Kirk. Now I’m a mother to two fiercely independent and energetic Kirklings (5 and almost 3) and Project Manager at a small biotech company, Aura Biosciences, developing a treatment for Ocular Melanoma.

Tell us about your crossfit journey so far, what have you learned about yourself, and what keeps you coming back?

I’ll admit it, I was a skeptic. I made so much fun of Rich for joining Crossfit. Ok, fine I’ll stop by the first Friday night lights … drinks at the gym? Weird but ok. I think I joined the following week and was hooked. I don’t have to plan my own workout? OK! Those first few weeks I loved, LOVED, the 5lb plates. Erica’s eyes rolled too many times to count. I didn’t want to get bulky. Well, I’ve learned a valuable lesson … Crossfit doesn’t make you bulky! In fact, it makes you feel strong both mentally and physically. That’s what keeps me coming back. Not to mention the amazing coaches, fellow Daybreakers and killer workouts. I’m no longer a skeptic!

Tell us something that would surprise us to hear you’ve done.

I lived in Maldon, England for a couple years. Rich and I stumbled on a great opportunity to pack up our lives in Maynard, MA and move to Maldon, England to work on a golf course in the summer of 2012. Of course, it didn’t come without it’s challenges, I had visa issues and got stuck in the US. Having already quit my job and rented our house out. Rich said ‘see ya later’ and left to set up our lives solo. Having retained enough clothes for the rest of the summer, I did a bit of shopping for winter clothes by the time I got over there in DECEMBER! Once we were there the fun began. Sleepy little village pubs, fox hunts, a ride in a chauffeured Bentley with massaging seats, a party at our friend’s house which happened to be David Beckham’s old house (yes, Beckingham Palace!) and all the tweed. We have countless other memories that I’ll cherish forever. Such a fun time in our lives.

How are the Opens going for you? This is your second Open, what do you like about it, and what are you personally most proud of?

The best thing about the Open is someone else counting for you! You don’t have to think, you just move. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and have someone a foot away saying ‘DON’T STOP’ or ‘Pick up that bar!’. I completed a squat clean pr in 19.2, my first chest to bar in 19.5 and my first hand stand push up in 20.3. I’m excited to see what comes next but most proud that I get to workout alongside some pretty awesome people. Shout out to the 5:30pm-ers! No disrespect morning people, I’m just not.

About Mariah

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Wayland, MA with my husband Scott (Cornish). We have two geriatric dogs: Troy a 65 lb. German Shorthaired Pointer who is Scott’s shadow and Nicki a 4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier who is deaf and going blind! I work at Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Lexington, MA  in Global Regulatory Affairs and my job focus is on chemistry, manufacturing and controls. I’ve been going to Daybreak Crossfit for about 2-2.5 years, although the first year or so was HEAVILY modified (thanks to the fantastic coaches!). I probably started adding weight to the bar and doing less modified workouts about a year ago. I attend various classes depending on the day and my work schedule. You can find me at either 6:30am, 12:30pm or 5:30pm.

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit each day?

It’s my time to shutoff my brain, I love being able to show up, disconnect and have the coaches tell me what to do. I don’t have to think (too much) and know I’m making myself better every time I walk through those doors. I have immense trust in the coaches, they have helped me get to the healthiest place I’ve been in over 10 years!

The transformation you’ve made from using a PVC pipe in workouts to now pushing yourself to use heavier and heavier weights hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s inspiring to everyone around you, especially those that are also dealing with injuries. Tell us about the long process to get to where you are now and how you are keeping yourself healthy. 

I came to Daybreak with chronic injuries, very thin, weak and generally unhealthy. I started with personal training at Daybreak and then for about a year I worked on form (using only a PVC pipe or 15 lb. barbell) and core with hopes of gaining stability and teaching my muscles to fire correctly. The coaches know my limitations and have worked with me to modify almost every workout I’ve done at Daybreak. They are awesome, have more than earned my trust and appreciation and to top it off… I’ve never been injured! Outside the gym, with Mel’s help, I worked with a nutritionist and focused on macros to improve my diet and nutrition. In the last year or so I’ve been able to begin adding weight and it’s been awesome! I did my first weighted Rx workout last week! I am, by far, the healthiest if have been in over 10 years! It feels great to be able to do simple things that I used to fear due to lack of strength and pain.

Do you have a travel bucket list? What are the top 5 places on it? 

The top 5 on our bucket list are New Zealand (for some of the most fantastic wines on the earth, in my humble opinion!), Cruise to Antarctica (This continent is ever changing and we want to see it as soon as possible!), Egypt (I’ve always been fascinated by the pyramids and the sphinx… Scott claims he built them, I don’t believe it!), England/Ireland (my dad was from England and for some reason we have never made this easy destination a priority!), and last, biking part of the Tour de France route (when I lived in NH I cycled daily, I miss those peaceful afternoons on the quiet roads!).

What’s your favorite TV show? 

I recently started watching Temptation Island. The first season is one of those train wrecks you can’t stop watching. However, I’m now getting into season 2 and it’s a little risque for me!  Before temptation Island, I binged on Awkward.

What’s your spirit animal (an animal that represents you)?

I looked up what type of animal shares my Myers-Briggs personality type… apparently I’m a Beaver. If I had not looked it up, I would say I am a horse only because its my favorite animal.