• DECEMBER CHALLENGE: Stretch/Mobilize 5 minutes per day outside of class time for the month of December. That’s 155 minutes or just over 2.5 hours within the month.
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5 Rounds
20 Dumbbell Snatch
25′ Overhead Walking Lunge
20 Dumbbell Step Ups (20/24)
25′ Overhead Walking Lunge

Men: 50#
Women: 35#

WOD Guidance & Goals:
Choose a weight for the dumbbell you can snatch and overhead lunge unbroken for at least the first few rounds. Move through snatches quickly and take a brief pause before attempting your overhead lunges. Lunges can be done with either arm, but we suggest alternating each length. For the step ups, alternate legs without putting a hand your stepping leg. The dumbbell can be held by your side, on your shoulder, or in the rack position, but should not rest on your leg during your step-ups. Target around 17-20 minutes.

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Courtesy of Burgener Strength

1) 10 rounds on the 2 min
2 position clean (1x hang + 1x floor): 10 rounds
work up to heavy

2) Push press: 75%x5, 80%x3, 85%x3 reps, 90%x 2, 95%x 1+ reps

3)Ring Dip 3 x 1 min AMRAP, rest 2 min between