• HOLIDAY PARTY ANNOUNCED! Apps, Trivia, Music and Dancing! THIS SATURDAY January 18th at Conrad’s in Sudbury for BOTH gyms. Details HERE.
  • JAN + FEB MOVEMENT CHALLENGE: Strict pull ups (band, chin or chest). This 8 week challenge, will help you strengthen your shoulders and pulling strength to get your first pull up, help string multiple together, chest to bars and bar/ring muscle ups. You perform strict pull ups 2x/week, along with accessory work like ring rows, negatives and static holds. At the desk are worksheets to keep track of your progress.


Toes to Bar
Bike for Calories

Rest 10 Minutes

2 Rounds
Row for Calories (20/15)
30 Sit Ups

WOD Guidance & Goals:
Intensity! That’s your cue today. Your goal for both workouts is to complete each workout FAST (i.e. about 5 minutes)! For workout 1, plan for negative sets on the toes to bar (8/7/6, 6/5/4 and 3/2/1) to save your grip and hip flexors. Go all out on the bike! You’ll fully recover before the next workout so leave nothing in the tank. For workout 2, finish the row right around :60-:75 and fight to finish the sit ups in the same amount of time. Hard on row and recover on steady, fast sit ups.

Post Times to Comments. Compare scores HERE.


4 rounds
5 min moderate, 2 min easy


Courtesy of Burgener Strength

1) Back squat: 60%x 10 reps, 65%x 8 reps, 70%x 8 reps, 75%x 8 reps.
Rest 10 minutes

2) Front squat: 60%x 5 reps, 65%x 5 reps, 70%x 5 reps x 2 sets.
*Rest 2 minutes between sets.

3) Core
50x GHD sit ups
200m farmers carry (2x 70# KB/2x 53# KB)