“Happy Now”
2 Rounds
10 Hang Cleans (135/95)
3 Muscle Ups
2 Rounds
8 Hang Cleans (165/115)
3 Muscle Ups
2 Rounds
6 Hang Cleans (185/135)
3 Muscle Ups

WOD Guidance & Goal:
This is going to get grippy! To manage grip, do cleans in two sets (half and half or negative split). The clean weight you choose for each couplet should feel moderately heavy (5 in a row), moderate/heavy (4 in a row), and heavy (3 in a row). Muscle ups are on the rings. Choose bar muscle ups, banded bar muscle ups, strict pull ups + dips or ring transitions as a scaling option. 

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7 rounds
2 min hard, 1 min moderate, 1 min walk


Courtesy of Burgener Strength

“The Bear”: 5 rounds – Without stopping or dropping the bar, complete the following sequence, seven times:

-1x power clean

-1x front squat

-1x push press

-1x back squat

-1x rack push press

*You can combine the movements into a squat clean + thruster + back squat + back rack thruster. After each round, rest as needed and increase the weight on the bar