“Free Bird”
2 Rounds
1 Mile Bike
45 Sit Ups
35 Wall Balls (20/14)(10/9)
15 Ring Dips – band/bench
10 Deadlifts (315/205)

WOD Guidance & Goal:  Try to complete the 1 mile bike around 3 minutes. Your legs and lungs have time to recover on the sit ups. Try to do wall balls in 1-2 sets (20/15), again your legs will get to rest on the next movement. Ring dips (scaled or not) can be attacked in either big sets or chipping away with smaller sets and short breaks. Both strategies are effective. For the deadlift choose a weight you can do 4-5 reps unbroken. Target 15 minutes. 

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3 x 800m moderate, 200m slow


Burgener Strength

1: Thruster: 10 rounds – Every 90 seconds, complete:
1x thruster (Work up to a 1 RM)

2: 1 round:
Max rep unbroken thruster (70% 1 RM)
Rest 2 minutes:
Max rep unbroken thruster (50% 1 RM).
Rest 2 minutes:
Max rep unbroken thruster (barbell% RM).