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10 Rounds
10 V-Ups
Max Burpees in remaining time
Rest 1 Minute

WOD Guidance & Goals:
1 minute of work = 1 minute of ALL OUT EFFORT! V-ups will take :20-:30, in the remaining :30-:45 get as many burpees as possible. You’ll then get 1 minute of rest to catch your breath, write down your rep total and get ready to crush the next round. Target 8 burpees per round. Scaling options for V-ups could be tuck ups, leg lifts, and if you have a pull up bar sub in toes to bar or knee ups. 


Post Total Reps to Comments.


Death by 10 meter (in 10 meter increment)
Min 1 -- 10 meters
Min 2 -- 20 meters
Min 3 -- 30 meters
Min 4 -- 40 meters

Continue to increase distance by 10 meters every minute. Once you cannot complete the designated meters in the minute, take a 1 minute break and start from the beginning. Your score will be the highest minute you completed in the first round. 


1: Clean: 10 rounds- Every 2 minutes, compete:
1x squat clean + 1x front squat + 1x jerk (work up to a max for the day)