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  • CrossFit — This is what you know and love! We will make these classes as home-friendly as possible by using little (maybe a dumbbell or kettlebell) to no equipment.
  • Core/Abs — We’ll target all areas of your midline: abs, obliques, transverses, spinal erectors… if it’s in your midline, we’ll hit ’em!
  • Mobility — We’ll stretch, roll, and lax ball to help you stay limber and flexible.
  • Topics Q&A — This is an interactive session with members to ask questions about nutrition, training, fitness, and any other aspect of your health and well-being that is impacted by our “quarantined” way of life.
  • Kids — We’re here to give you a little bit of relief by providing a workout designed for kids under 10. We’ll dance, jump, hop, squat and burpee to name a few!