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4 Rounds
5 Strict Pull Ups
10 Dips
15 Hollow Rocks
200 Meter Shuttle Run (50m x 4)

WOD Guidance & Goals:
Pull ups!! Yes, if you have a pull up bar you’re going to do 5 strict pull ups. If you do not have a pull up bar scaling options include; 10 bent over rows or 5-10 pulls from a make shift bar (see picture on the right) or wrap a towel around a sturdy banister and hold both ends. Dips are from a bench, ledge, stair or chair. Dips are hardest when your legs are straight. Hollow rocks can be scaled by bending your knees or do a hollow hold for :30. The shuttle run is 50 meters (165 feet) four times. If you are not outside run 4 flights of stairs. If you’re not able to mark out 50 meters easily, run out :10 and back :10, two times. Target 12 minutes. 


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4 rounds
100m fast
200m easy
300m moderate
100m walk


10 rounds- Every 2 minutes, compete:
1x clean pull + 1x clean + 1x jerk (work up to a max for the day)