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“Big Road”
Dumbbell Step Ups
Power Cleans

Cash Out
20 x Elevated Sit Ups (L, Middle, R, Middle = 1 rep)

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WOD Guidance & Goals:
With your dumbbell or kettlebell, complete 30 total db step ups (if you’re at home feel free to do box jumps instead) then 30 barbell cleans. If you’re using a db for cleans do 30 per side. Make sure the db touches down between your feet not off to the side. Target 15 minutes

DB: 35/20
BB: 95/65


1) Front squat: 10 rounds – Every 2 minutes, perform:
1x Pause front squat + 1x front squat
For the FS, start at a light-medium weight and increase the weight each round.