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500 Meter Row
40 Good Mornings (45/35)
30 Plank Taps
:30 Side Planks
500 Meter Row
40 Scap Push Ups
30 Bicep Curls (45/35)
20 Temp Hand Release Push Ups
500 Meter Row
40 Lunges
30 Cossack Squats
20 Squats + Half

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WOD Guidance & Goals:
Today’s workout is not for time but for QUALITY! Row 500 meters (400 meter run or 8 flights of stairs), then do 30 good mornings with an empty bar or db, 30 plank taps (total), then :30 plank on your right elbow then on your left. Row another 500 meters then do 40 scap push ups (keep arms straight only move shoulder blades together and apart), followed by 30 bicep curls and 20 temp hand-release push ups (2 second lower to get your chest to the ground, lift hands then push back up). Do your final 500 meter row, 4o total lunges (no weight), 30 total cossack squats (alternating legs) and finally 20 squats + half (sit to the bottom of your squat, come up to parallel, go back down below parallel, then stand to full extension).