• Introducing Daybreak Foundations: Starting Monday 6/7, there will be extra weight lifting and accessory work on Monday’s WOD post for the next 10 weeks. See our recent newsletter for details!
  • New Store Items & Markdowns: We’re now stocking Ultima Electrolyte powders to help you stay hydrated pre/post-WOD and anytime you need a little bit of flavor in your water! We’re also marking down tees, tanks and joggers in our retail area.
  • June Clinic – Running: On Friday, June 11 at 6:00p, we are hosting our free-to-members running clinic. We will help you run more efficiently and comfortably by helping you obtain better form and pacing through drills and focused feedback.
  • Rise-N-Grind Off Site: This Sun 6/13 meet at Wayland High School track 8:30a. Guess what? We will be running! No classes at our gym.
  • Internal Team Throwdown: YES, it’s happening… it’s THROWDOWN time!! On Saturday, June 19 at 2:00p, we will return to hosting our annual internal competition. This is a friendly, community-based competition that is designed for ALL our members… from our newbies, to our veterans. All movements will be scalable. All the details are in our newsletter and you can sign up to compete, socialize or both at the front desk.



With a Partner
300-200-100 Double Unders
150-100-50 Sit Ups
75-50-25 Calorie Bike

With a Partner
100-50-25 Attempts
150-100-50 Sit Ups
75-50-25 Calorie Bike

With a Partner
400-300-200 Single Unders
150-100-50 Sit Ups
50-35-20 Calorie Bike

Grab your bestie and let’s go! You and your partner will share reps, and one will work while the other rests. Do bigger sets of double unders, switching once your partner trips up or once they hit half the reps. Do bigger sets of sit ups (20-25), to minimize transitions, and on the bike to smaller sets of calories keeping your cadence and rpms HIGH! Target 25 minutes

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75-50-25 Jumping Jacks
75-50-25 Sit Ups
800-400-200 Meter Run


3 rounds
600-400-200, equal work to rest