• WHEN: THIS Saturday, June 19th
  • TEAM CHECK-IN: 1:45p
  • WOD: 2-4p


Team Name Member Member Member
1 Glen Lourdes Trish Cornish
2 DT Stuart Mike M Sharon R
3 Zeus Jack Sara B Ted
4 Murph Dusty Alexa Bruce
5 Nate Andy Pat Marianne
6 Clovis Erin G Sam Ashley C
7 Hollyman John B Cara Erin C
8 Daniel Emeritt Nina Jess K
9 JT Tim Bella Lisa M
10 Manion Todd Lauren M Katie
11 McGee Pancho Jim D Kate F
12 Hotshots Mariah Andrew G Katherine
13 The Chief Rahul Jess C David
14 Bull Zach Bethann Dawn
16 TEEN SENSATIONS Mikey Rhea Aine


AMRAP 2 at Each Station
Wall Balls
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jump 20”
Push Press
Row for Calories

One person works at a time, each person has to do at least 10 reps at every station. Can’t move to the next station until the call of “Rotate.” There is no rest between stations.
Score: Total Reps

Complete the complex as heavy as possible
Clean + Shoulder to Overhead + Front Squat + Shoulder to Overhead

Teams will have 8 minutes for all 3 members to complete a successful complex at a heavy weight. Score is the sum of the 3 successful lifts. Can only use plates provided at each station.
Score: Total weight

400 Meter Plate Run (25#)
90 Burpees (Plank Hold)
120 Lunges (Squat Hold)
150 Sit Ups (Hollow Hold)
400 Meter Plate Run (25#)

Together, teams will run 400 meters while one member carries a 25# plate. You can switch who carries the plate at any time, however the plate CANNOT touch the ground throughout the workout (no resting it on your feet.) When your team returns, one person will be accumulating burpees, one will be holding the plate, and the third will be holding a plank (elbows.)

Work can only be done once the plate is being held and the static hold is established. If either of these two guidelines aren’t met, the team does a 200 meter run (no plate) immediately as a penalty.
Score: Total Time