• TODAY Monday 9/6:  8a and 9a classes only
  • NUTRITION RECHARGE: Time to eat lots of veggies, exercise, drink water, sleep and knit the junk. Better yet, you’re buddying up for accountability. The fun begins TOMORROW Tuesday, Sept 7th. Details HERE,
    • BONUS POINTS FOR WEEK 1: On Sat 9/11, complete the PARTNER workout with your Recharge Buddy! Earn 3 additional points EACH!


“The Thirteen”

With a Partner
13 Rounds
26 Calorie Row
8 Strict Pull Ups
21 Shoulder to Overhead

Weight: 95/65

With a Partner
13 Rounds
22 Calorie Row
8 Banded Strict Pull Ups
18 Shoulder to Overhead

Weight: 75/55

With a Partner
13 Rounds
18 Calorie Row
12 Ring Rows
15 Shoulder to Overhead

Weight: 55/35

Partner up, and dig in! Teams can divide reps whoever they’d like. We suggest you switch on the minute for the calorie row OR at half the cals if 13 cals takes you less than a minute. For the strict pull ups, keep the reps fast and unbroken. Do sets of 2-4. Then for the shoulder to overhead, choose a weight you can do for at least 10 reps unbroken before switching with your partner. Target 40 minutes.

Courtesy of Tony Kurz

This workout is dedicated to the 13 soldiers who died on August 26, 2021, at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, while engaged in a dangerous, selfless mission to save the lives of others. They were assisting in the evacuation of US Citizens and friendly Afghan nationals. Thirteen soldiers died, 11 Marines, an Army Corpsman, and a Navy Corpsman.

The attack marked one of the deadliest days for American forces in the past decade of the 20-year war in Afghanistan — and took place just days ahead of the U.S.’s planned full withdrawal from the country that was overtaken on Aug. 15 by the Taliban.

The soldiers who sacrificed their lives were:
– Dylan Merola – 20
– Daegan William-Tyeler Page – 23
– Humberto Sanchez – 22
– Johanny Rosario – 25
– Nicole Gee – 23
– Hunter Lopez – 22
– Taylor Hoover – 31
– Ryan Knauss – 23
– David Lee Espinoza – 20
– Rylee McCollum – 20
– Jared Schmitz – 20
– Kareem Nikoui – 20
– Max Soviak – 22

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Daybreak Foundations is designed to augment our daily workouts and should be performed in succession over the course of 10 weeks. Ideally, these can be completed after your daily workout in the gym or at home. If you have any questions about how to incorporate our Foundations program into your routine, please reach out to Mel or email us at [email protected]

WEEK 2 of 8


100m 2-arm KB front rack carry
100m KB farmers carry
100m 2-arm KB overhead carry
100m KB farmers carry
*use 53/35 kettlebells


Muscle Snatch + Snatch Balance (no dip)
work up to a 1 rep
*no more than 10 min

2 Position Pause Squat Snatch
5 x on the 2 min
*squat snatch with a 3 second pause in your launch position and a 3 second pause in your receiving position
**launch = 1″ above the knee/hang position

1 Squat Snatch
5 x on the 2 min
*work up to heavy for the day


Back Extensions
5 x 5 pause (:03) weighted back extensions


5 x 500m, rest 2:00

Squat Clean + Jerk
10 x on the :90
*increase in weight