WHEN: Saturday, May 21st from 9:00-11:00a. Social at 11a
WHO: ALL Daybreakers: Noobies to Veterans… ALL fitness and experience levels will be able to compete in a low stress, friendly environment!
WHAT: Bring a breakfast potluck item
HOW: We’ll put the sign up sheet on the front desk! Please RSVP by Monday May 17th so we can make teams!



WOD 1a + 1b
300 Meter Run (relay style) – GET YOUR TIME
In remaining time complete many rounds as possible of:
8 Power Cleans (85/65/45 (below the knee))
8 Box Jumps Overs (24/20/20” step)

At the call of “3-2-1-GO” one teammate will run 300 meters while the other two rest. The first athlete must tag the second (from behind the start line) before athlete two can run, and then the same for athlete three. Once the third teammate has paced the finish line you’ll be given a time.  YOU’LL RECORD YOUR TIME on a whiteboard provided at your barbell station. There is no rest between part a and b!!

PART B: In the remaining time, your team will do as many rounds as possible of the power clean and box jump over couplet.  One athlete will use the 85# bar and do 24″ box jump overs, another will use the 65# bar and do 20″ box jump overs, and the third will use 45# and do step overs to 20″. For the power cleans, the 85# and 65# plates must touch the floor. For the 45# bars, barbell must clear the knees. Elbows have to pass the plane of the bar and knees must extend before the bar returns to the floor. Both feet must touch the top of the box and the opposite side, for a rep to count. You must stay in the same order, and change weights between every athlete. Your score for part B is total rounds plus reps.

4 Rep Max Front Squat

Teams will have 10 minutes for every member to establish a 4 rep max front squat FROM THE FLOOR!! Each team will have two barbells (35# and 45#) and a variety of plates. Two athletes can lift at the same time, you can help teammates load their bars, but you cannot help another athlete get the bar to the rack position. Your weights will be added together to determine your score.

2K Row
120 Burpees
90 DB Snatch (50/35/20)

As a team, complete the chipper in the order above (row, burpees, db snatch.) You must switch athletes every 250 meters for the row, every member must row, and you must stay in the same order. The key to completing the row in a timely fashion is fast transitions, so help each other out! The burpees are lateral over a preset barbell. You must switch every 10 reps (stay in the same order) and only one person on your team can step over the bar. You do not have to open up, but you MUST touch your chest and jump over with a TWO FOOT TAKE OFF! You’ll complete the dumbbell snatches like the burpees, switching every 10 reps, same order, and each member must use a different weight. Your score is your time or reps you’ve complete at the end the 17 minute cap.

The top 5 teams will compete in a final WOD