• Rise-N-Grind Sunday 3/26: We are going off site! This Sunday we are running/walking the Harvard stadium steps. You can meet us at the stadium by 8:30a, or meet at Daybreak to carpool into town. If you’d like to carpool, please be at Daybreak by 7:50a.
  • BABY SHOWER FOR COACH LISA: EVERYONE is invited to a baby shower for the mama-to-be COACH LISA!
    • WHEN: Sunday, April 2nd from 10a-11a (right after RNG)
    • WHERE: At Daybreak
    • WHAT: Food + Fun
    • RSVP: By Monday, March 27th on the announcement board or by emailing Mel or Jess
    • BRING: A pack of diapers (any size)


Push Press
3×10, building
3 Rounds w/Barbell
7 Curls Bottom to 1/2
7 from 1/2 to Top
7 Full ROM
rest 2 minutes b/w sets
Ab Cash Out
Single Leg Bicycles
3 x 15/15
rest 1 min b/w sets

Heavy Day! Coaches will help you build to 65% of your 1 rep max, or a weight that feels heavy reps 7 through 10. Ideally for the next two sets add a LITTLE bit of weight to the bar (2-5%) Remember with a push press, there is NO re-dipping of your legs. After the initial “dip-drive”, keep your quads squeezed tight as you press overhead. Record your heaviest successful set of 10 reps. THEN, you get to do a bicep curl sequence with most likely an empty barbell. AND THEN, sets of single-leg bicycle sit ups (complete 15 reps on one side then 15 on the other.)

Post Weight to Comments. Compare Scores HERE.


100 pushups
100 sit ups
100 squats
100 lunges