WHEN: Saturday, May 13th from 8:30-10a. Social at 10:30a
WHO: ALL Daybreakers: Noobies to Veterans… ALL fitness and experience levels will be able to compete in a low stress, friendly environment!
WHAT: Bring a breakfast potluck item
HOW: We’ll put the sign up sheet on the front desk! Please RSVP by Monday May 8th so we can make teams!


Glen Sara M Cornish Dori
DT Pancho Brie Amanda W
Zeus Janice Andrew K8
Murph Zaira Jim B Megha
Nate Carrie Emeritt Michelle H
Clovis Brooks Katherine Mary Beth
Hollyman Tim Sharon D Jen C
Daniel Mariah Andy John P
JT Katy Bruce Brendan
Manion Rahul Erin Fred
McGee Ted Brian M Dawn


500/400 Meter Row
15 Burpees to a Plate
20 Box Jump/Step Up

WOD 1 is completed stadium style! What does that mean? Teammate 1 will complete the row, advance to the burpees and then the box jump or step overs. As soon as teammate one advances to the burpees, teammate 2 can start their row. As soon as teammate two moves off the rower, teammate 3 can start their row. Teammates can advance as long as the station in front of them has been cleared. Each athlete will complete the chipper, and your score will be total time. Cap at 10 minutes.

6 Minutes to Establish a
5 Rep Max Power Clean

Teams will have 6 minutes for all three members to establish a heavy five rep max power clean. Clean must be caught above parallel (no squats), and reps must be touch and go (no dropping and resetting.) Teams can only use the plates provided at their station, and weights must be clipped in before starting an attempt. As always, FORM/MECHANICS over adding weight. Score is the sum of the three lifts.

WOD 3a+3b
400 Meter Medball Run
Max Wall Balls

YES, there are two scored parts to WOD 3!!

Part A) All teammates will run 400 meters TOGETHER (you cannot leave anyone behind), taking turns running with the 10# medicine ball. If one person wants to carry the medball the entire 400 meters, that’s cool but your time doesn’t count until everyone crosses the finish line.

PART B) Teams will immediately run inside to a designated area to then complete as many wall balls as possible in the remaining time. You must switch teammates every 10 reps, and everyone is going to the orange line.

You’ll record your time for the 400 meter medball run, and total wall balls