Push Press
7×2, building

Barbell Bicep Curls
3 Rounds
:10 Hold at Parallel
10 Full ROM Curls

3 Rounds
15 Leg Lifts
15 DB Crunch
15 Hip Raise

HEAVY DAY, bodybuilding, AND abs?! What a WIN! Coaches will help you build to around an 8/10 effort for your first working set of two reps. Ideally you’ll build by .2-.3 effort for the remaining sets. Try to do your last set at 9.5/10 effort. Remember with the push press, once your knee and hips extend, there is no re-bend! Record your heaviest successful double.

For the BARBELL bicep curls, start by holding the barbell parallel with the floor for 10 seconds, THEN immediately rocking out 10 full range-of-motions curls. Rest at least :90 between sets. After your three sets, you’ll then do three continuous sets of ab exercises.

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