Starting Tuesday 6/25, Teens class is moving to TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 7:30-8:30AM!!Open gym is still available for adult members.
Every Friday during the summer will be a “Spirit Day.” If you’d like to participate, have your gym attire reflect that day’s theme. Last year was a blast! You’ll see a few themes repeated, and some really great new ones! The fun STARTS Friday 6/28
Spirit Themes and Dates
Fri 6/28 – Pride
Fri 7/5 – Red, White + Blue
Fri 7/12- Concert Tshirt
Fri 7/19- Matchy Matchy
Fri 7/26 – School Spirit
Fri 8/2 – The Uniform (all black)
Fri 8/9 – Country vs. Country Club
Fri 8/16 – Version of Your Former Self
Fri 8/23 – Monochromatic Color Blocking
Fri 8/30 – Barbie



5 Rounds on the :90
0-:90 300/250 Meter Row
:90-3:00 30 DB Lunges
3:00-4:30 60 Double Unders
4:30-6:00 30 Sit Ups

Weight; 50/35

5 Rounds on the :90
0-:90 300/250 Meter Row
:90-3:00 30 DB Lunges
3:00-4:30 20 Attempts
4:30-6:00 30 Sit Ups

Weight; 35/20

5 Rounds on the :90
0-:90 250/200 Meter Row
:90-3:00 20 DB Lunges
3:00-4:30 75 Single Unders
4:30-6:00 20 Sit Ups

Weight; 25/15

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is gonna get gross! In the first :90 row the designated amount of meters. You have just enough time to transition off of the rower for the next interval. Use one db for the lunges (hold in the goblet position), alternating legs, and stepping forward or backwards. You’ll have plenty of rest before the double unders to collect yourself. The dubs will take :60 or less, again leaving you :30 of rest before the sit ups. Push your pace on the sit ups to again have rest before the row. Have fun!

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