Starting TODAY Tuesday 6/25, Teens class is moving to TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 7:30-8:30AM!!Open gym is still available for adult members.
Every Friday during the summer will be a “Spirit Day.” If you’d like to participate, have your gym attire reflect that day’s theme. Last year was a blast! You’ll see a few themes repeated, and some really great new ones! The fun STARTS THIS Friday 6/28
Spirit Themes and Dates
Fri 6/28 – Pride
Fri 7/5 – Red, White + Blue
Fri 7/12- Concert Tshirt
Fri 7/19- Matchy Matchy
Fri 7/26 – School Spirit
Fri 8/2 – The Uniform (all black)
Fri 8/9 – Country vs. Country Club
Fri 8/16 – Version of Your Former Self
Fri 8/23 – Monochromatic Color Blocking
Fri 8/30 – Barbie


“Playground Time”

3 Rounds
50 Wall Balls
50 Medball Sit Ups
300 Meter Medball Run

Weight: 20/14

3 Rounds
35 Wall Balls
35 Medball Sit Ups
300 Meter Medball Run

Weight: 14/10

3 Rounds
25 Wall Balls
25 Medball Sit Ups
200 Meter Medball Run

Weight: 10/6

The medball is now a part of your body! Start with a big set of wall balls (20-30) then chip away at the remaining reps in smaller sets (5-10) with short breaks. Use the medball to propel your torso forward for a fast sit up. The sit ups will be slower than normal but try to do them unbroken. Then run 300 meters (2:00) with your medball, carrying it anyway anyhow. Target 25 minutes.

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