Every Friday during the summer will be a “Spirit Day.” If you’d like to participate, have your gym attire reflect that day’s theme. Last year was a blast! You’ll see a few themes repeated, and some really great new ones! The fun STARTS THIS Friday 6/28
Spirit Themes and Dates
Fri 6/28 – Pride
Fri 7/5 – Red, White + Blue
Fri 7/12- Concert Tshirt
Fri 7/19- Matchy Matchy
Fri 7/26 – School Spirit
Fri 8/2 – The Uniform (all black)
Fri 8/9 – Country vs. Country Club
Fri 8/16 – Version of Your Former Self
Fri 8/23 – Monochromatic Color Blocking
Fri 8/30 – Barbie


Clean Complex
Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Clean (power)
on the 2 min for 16 min
3 Rounds
Sled March Down + Pull Back
12 DB Push Ups
12 DB Lateral Raises
12 DB Curls
12 DB Skull Crushers

Oly skills day!! You’ll have 8 opportunities to work on your clean. The clean pull focuses on the bar staying close and your arms staying straight. The hang clean focuses on explosive power and fast elbows. And the clean combines the two movements. Ideally build each set, as long as your form/technique is on point!

As a finisher, you’ll get to push and pull a heavy sled and then get your pump on! This three rounder is for quality not for time. Choose dumbbells that bring your arms to fatigue by rep number 6-8. Record your weights

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