Welcome to the CrossFit Open!

Well, that was fast… given the new structure of the CrossFit games the Open comes rolling in only a few short months after the 2019 Open. So, we’re gonna jump right in and ready for the the 2020 CROSSFIT OPEN, and another chance to prove we are fitter, or rather, better than our “last year’s” self! While the video above is from a prior year, it does a nice job describing what it’s all about. But keep reading to understand what it means to Daybreak.


This is when and where the worldwide CrossFit community is invited to challenge themselves in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time. Last year, almost a half-million CrossFit members participated in the Open, where ages ranged from 16-82!!!

Even though this is the first step for many elite, professional athletes on their quest to make it to the CrossFit Games (the CrossFit world’s equivalent of the Super Bowl)… it’s a little different for us at Daybreak. For us, it’s a time for us to get motivated to learn a new skill, improve the ones we already have, and even push ourselves a bit more out of our comfort zone. What’s even more remarkable about the Open is that it has an undeniable impact on building an even stronger Daybreak community. As we do each year, we are encouraging all (yes, ALL) Daybreak members to sign-up!

The workouts are designed with ALL abilities in mind, and this year there are four divisions that will ensure workouts are tailored to the abilities of that division:

  1. Teens: For athletes 14-17 years old.
  2. Masters: For athletes 35+, there are six masters divisions where weights and movements are adjusted accordingly: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+.
  3. Scaled: For any age where most RX workouts are sometimes too heavy or too complex.
  4. RX: For more tenured and experienced CrossFitters.

Daybreak will be incorporating each of the 5 workouts into the weekly programming, so you’ll be getting a taste whether you enter or not… so why not make it a bit more interesting and post your score for the world to see! But don’t fret, we’ll all be working out side-by-side, as a box, so you won’t be doing this alone.

What You Need to Know

HOW TO SIGN UP: Registration is now open and the cost to enter is $20. When asked to identify your “affiliate” simply search for and select Daybreak CrossFit or Daybreak CrossFit North. That’s it! You’re in. Congrats… and welcome to Open season!

GET YO’ BUTT READY: Just kidding. The fact that you walk through our doors each day is all you need to do to “prepare” for the Open. The fun begins on Thursday, October 10th. That evening at 8PM ET (and each Thursday evening at 8PM ET for the next 4 weeks), the CrossFit Games website will release the first Open workout, 20.1 (short for the 1st WOD of the 2020 Open). In the past, the announcement was often followed by a live broadcast of athletes performing the workout, but this year we don’t yet know what CrossFit HQ has in store. We think it will be broadcast HERE.

WHEN TO WOD: We will program each week’s Open WOD on Friday, although you have until the following Monday at 8pm ET to complete the WOD and officially submit your score. And if you don’t register for the Open, that’s cool too… you’ll just do the Open WOD as you normally do in class.

Please note: If you are unable to get into the gym on Friday, or if Friday is your rest day, you can still do the Open workout on Monday during Open Gym. We will have our normal Open Gym in Wayland, and during the Open we will have Open Gym in Acton from 4:30-5:30p on Mondays.

The WOD announcement and workout schedule for the Open is outlined below:

  • Open WOD 20.1 – Announced 8pm ET on Thursday, October 10, both Daybreaks will do the WOD as the daily workout on Friday, October 11
  • Open WOD 20.2 – Announced on October 17, WOD on October 18
  • Open WOD 20.3 – Announced on October 24, WOD on October 25
  • Open WOD 20.4 – Announced on October 31, WOD on November 1
  • Open WOD 20.5 – Announced on November 7, WOD on November 8*

* PS. We will plan a Friday Night Lights at each gym the last Friday of the Open, November 8. We’ll throw down, have a few beverages and reminisce about the Open. We’ll also throw in some grub to boot. Be there!

SUBMIT YOUR SCORE: All scores must be submitted by YOU by 8:00pm ET on the Monday following the announcement. When you WOD in class, you’ll be assigned a friendly judge who will keep track of your reps and give you your final score. You then submit that score through the Open profile you created at the link above. Or on the mobile app available in your app store. We can also help you post after the WOD right from the check-in kiosk.

GET YOUR RANK: Daybreak will be notified of your score submission, at which time we will validate your score and it will be posted immediately to the WORLDWIDE LEADERBOARD. From this leaderboard you can sort by your age group, your region, etc.

New this year is the ability to create custom leaderboards, so HERE. WE. GO. Click the leaderboards below to see how you stack up against the Daybreak athletes from BOTH gyms! You have to be registered for the Open to view the leaderboards.

HAVE FUN COMPETING: Keep in mind there are no prizes, no champions, no last places. We are in this together as a community, and we’ll be encouraging each other to #pursuebetter throughout these 5 weeks no matter the age, ability or tenure of our members!

FINDING THIS PAGE: We’ll have this page linked to the “Daybreak Open” logo which will always be on the sidebar over here ======>

Top 10 Reasons Why Should You Sign Up

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…except lethargy, complacency, sluggishness…
This year there there are multiple divisions that cater to all abilities so you WILL be able to do the workout as it’s written for your division!
Each of the weekly Open WODs will be programmed into our daily workouts. You’ll be doing them each Friday during the Open as part of your weekly routine!
For these workouts, you’ll have a fellow athlete judging you, so you get immediate feedback on your range of motion and standards for all your movements. Yeah, we know… sometimes we’d rather not know, but to truly pursue better… we have to hear the bad stuff with the good!
Whenever you “sign up” for something, there’s a natural tendency to get anxious, nervous and energized to get after it. This is no different. Having your name on the worldwide leaderboard gets us all fired up! Young or old… scaled or RX… new or experienced… it never fails! 
The Open seems to transcend class times, workout mates and other attendance routines and it’s inevitable you’ll meet someone new… to judge, to cheer on, or just to talk about the WOD. What’s even more special is that you’re likely to meet someone during the Open who demonstrates courage and tenacity… someone who inspires you or makes you proud to workout next to them.
If you’re sick of trying to keep up with the twenty-somethings of Daybreak (we know Rap is), the Open has masters tiers to rank and compare athletes in the more, let’s say experienced age ranges from 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+ (yes, Lisa Ronner, you get to beat up on gals your own age!!!).
That’s right, you have a perfect excuse to get that new pair of Nanos, or Lifters, speed rope or Lulu top because THIS IS THE OPEN! Just ask Willis or Bill: look good, feel good… feel good, WOD good. It’s that simple.
During each of the last 4 years in which we’ve participated in the open, we’ve seen the community grow stronger as we support each through each and every workout. Through good times and down times, you’ll give each other a high five, fist bump and pull each other up off the mat… it’s so great to see, hear, feel and experience.
Each year it amazes me how members will be fueled by the energy surrounding the Open to get their first pull-up, first double under, first muscle-up, or PR their lifts in the middle of a WOD! There’s just something special about the Open and if you’re not careful, you may very well kick some ass.