We offer a broad range of class times starting as early as 5:30a to as late as 6:30p. And while our class schedule is fairly consistent, it is subject to change during certain times of year. Please check our WOD/NEWS PAGE for any daily or weekly tweaks to the schedule due to holidays or inclement weather. Schedule does not include times available for private training or one-on-one nutrition counseling. If interested in these services, please EMAIL US.

Our Wayland schedule has been temporarily modified due to COVID-19. Please see our COVID19 page for our latest schedule and other important information about attending classes.


How to Choose a CrossFit Gym


Like any other investment you make, we suggest you do your research. Not all CrossFit gyms are created equal, and in fact, every CrossFit is given quite a bit of latitude to operate independently. We highlight 4 important details about our services and rates below, but we suggest you read our highly-acclaimed and widely-shared checklist for “Choosing a CrossFit Gym” by clicking the button above.

How to Choose a CrossFit Gym

At Daybreak, we offer a premium CrossFit experience that ensures you’ll be surrounded by members who, like you, value quality over quantity. Be leery of low prices just trying to fill classes or get a struggling gym off the ground… if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We don’t host non-member events that replace your regularly scheduled weekend classes. We don’t charge our members for nutrition challenges, internal competitions, socials and clinics that typically run $20 per event at other CrossFits. Instead, we offer a full service CrossFit which includes complimentary athletic tape, bathroom toiletries, weekend specialty clinics, catered socials and more.

There are no contracts at Daybreak. You are simply billed by the month. Period. Give us 30 days and we know you’ll see fitness in a whole new light. We deliver the coaching, the community and results you want. That’s what keeps our members coming back… not paperwork.

If you find Daybreak isn’t for you, just let us know 2 business days before the next billing cycle (1st of the month). And if you’re going on a vacation, we’re happy to put your unlimited membership on hold for a maximum of 30 contiguous days once every calendar year. Just let us know prior to the billing cycle!


For a full list of programs, including class-based and private training options (pre-natal, fitness, nutrition, etc.), please visit our PROGRAMS PAGE.


  • This option gives you unlimited access to Daybreak and all our programs. This is the ideal option for those members seeking truly transformational changes and results, and for those who simply LOVE CrossFit!


  • This option is best for those looking to build a base of fitness. It offers you 13 visits per month (or ~3 visits per week) which is the minimum necessary to see and/or maintain results.

Inquire about our FAMILY, COUPLE and HERO rates. FAMILIES must be living in the same household. Our HERO rate includes active Teachers, Military, Police, Fire, Vets and EMS — the people who keep us safe, protect our freedoms, and educate our children. You give to us and our families every day, so we want to give back. STUDENTS must be actively enrolled in an accredited academic program. Only one discount can be applied per member. Heroes, vets, teachers, and students required to show valid photo ID or DD-214.


Our TEENS CLASSES classes are designed with our young adults (ages 12-17) in mind. Teen workouts are based on the adult workouts, but modified to meet the abilities of our Teen members. We utilize bodyweight movements, agility and speed training, and on occasion, light weights. If you’re a Daybreak member, you may workout alongside your teen (if they let you), so you can avoid multiple trips to the gym.


Unlimited Classes

  • 2nd child receives 50% sibling discount.

10 Class Pack

  • Class pack is valid for 90 days.



  • Visitors must be a member of an existing box!

If you’re a member of another box and are in the area for a short time, we’re happy to give you a place to WOD while you’re on the road. Please give us as much advance notice as possible so we can plan for your visit. Drop-ins are $20/class and you must EMAIL us and sign our PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT through the links below prior to your visit. In your email, please let us know the class(es) you wish to attend, the name of your current box and how long you’ve been CrossFitting.

We’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but because of class sizes, we can’t always accommodate visitors in all classes.


We have a designated area where you can bring the little ones to relax, watch movies on our big screen TV, play video games or tinker with toys and puzzles. For the safety of your children and our members, kids are not allowed on the gym floor during class time or when members are working out.

We know our members like to sweat, so if you’re in need of a shower before you leave for work or for a night on the town, we offer separate men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers.

We realize it is difficult for our members to remember all the little things, so we wanted to make it easier for you to walk in those doors, get your fitness done, and get out. In respective locker rooms, we provide complimentary shampoo, body wash, antiperspirant, hair gel, toothpaste, cotton swabs, shaving cream, aftershave, and feminine products.

 To quickly refill your water bottles without having to angle it by a drink spout, we installed a touchless, filtered water bottle filling station. Yeah, we think it’s kind of cool too.

We know you and your little ones appreciate a fast internet connection to stream videos, play games or text their pals. That’s why we offer free internet access to all members and families.

We also make storage cubes available to members for small fee. In these cubes, you can store extra shoes, jump ropes, wrist wraps or anything else you don’t want to lug to and from the car each visit.

We have A/C and we’re not afraid to use it! Our classes generate a lot of heat and in the summer months, we light up the A/C system to keep the temperature comfortable.

We offer a wide range of pre- and post-workout supplements by industry-leader, Progenex, along with easy, grab-and-go snacks and drinks by Naked Cow Jerky, Fuel-for-Fire, and VitaCoco.