Getting Started

Getting Started

Train better. Live better. It’s time.

Train better. Live better. It’s time.


Many a member has admitted to staring at this page wondering if they were ready for this type of training. But now they’ll be quick to tell you they regret not starting sooner.

The beauty of Daybreak’s program is that we customize each workout from day one, so that the movements, weights and intensity are appropriate for you, your goals and your abilities. Our style of functional fitness is different… and that’s on purpose. You ARE ready for Daybreak!

Absolutely NOT TRUE! We will ease you into workouts to make sure your body can adapt to the increased stimulus. And MANY of our members were fresh off the couch with limited (if any) athletic backgrounds.

This again? 🙂 To get bulky you must lift heavy weights often. At Daybreak, we incorporate weights at levels and frequencies that promote fat-burning and lean muscles… not bulk! Just because we use barbells, doesn’t mean we load them up!

Well, CrossFit has a bit of a bad rap when it comes to “intensity”. Know full well, our style of CrossFit is not scream-in-your-face or move-with-reckless-abandon. Our class energy is the motivator and we are hawks when it comes to teaching technique, consistency… and then, and only then, intensity at levels that are appropriate for YOU!

Our onboarding process includes the assignment of a personal success coach who will help integrate you into the program at a rate that is good for your body (and your mind!). You won’t be alone on this journey… our coaches and our community will be right there by your side!

Whoa! Hold up! If we made clients workout before they came to us, we’d have been out of business a long time ago. You see, getting (and keeping) you fit is our job. It’s why we’re here… and we’re pretty darn good at it.

At Daybreak, no prior fitness level or athletic background is required. We’ll carefully introduce you to the workouts and we’ll modify them based on your abilities (and goals). We incorporate intensity and stimulus at pace that is right for you.

Oh no… not this again! The good ol’ “I’m gonna get big” fallacy. To get big you have to lift heavy weight, and you have to lift it often.

At Daybreak, we incorporate weights at levels and frequencies that promote fat-burning and lean muscle. Just because you see a barbell, it doesn’t mean we load it up. We’ll make you strong… we’ll make you look good… and most importantly, we’ll make you feel amazing!

CrossFit has a bit of a bad rap when it comes to “intensity”. Make no mistake, Daybreak’s style of CrossFit is not scream-in-your-face nor is it move-with-reckless-abandon.

At Daybreak, our class energy is the motivator and we are hawks when it comes to teaching technique, consistency… and then, and only then, intensity at levels that are safe and appropriate for YOU!

Many of our members have told us they stared at this page, a bit nervous about jumping into CrossFit. But once they’ve taken that (we won’t even call it a leap) first step, they regret not starting sooner.

At Daybreak, we make CrossFit approachable. You’ll have a coaching mentor who will be right by your side for as long as you need them. And our community is welcoming, helpful and will make you feel like family!

First things first, do your research.

The more you know, the more likely you’re going to find health and wellness success. Read about WHY CROSSFIT WORKS. Learn about our COACHES and their unmatched credentials which ensure your safety and results are priority one. Check out our REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS. See HOW WE COMPARE to other trendy functional fitness options. Or better yet, click the button to see our handy guide for choosing a CrossFit!

Join us for a free week trial to see what Daybreak is all about.


To get started with your free trial, simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch about your first visit.

Please read “what to expect for your first visit” below, but rest assured, we’ll carefully introduce you to CrossFit at a pace that’s right for you!

If you prefer to get started in a more private setting, we also offer personal training packages that can be scheduled at your convenience.

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The purpose of your first few visits is to give you a taste of the workouts, the movements, the coaches and the community. Here’s what to bring and expect on your first visit:

We are going to ease you into your workouts. You may leave with a light sweat… or maybe none at all. That’s on purpose. We don’t let new members jump headfirst into workouts… we will gradually ease you in focusing more on mechanics and consistency before we increase intensity and volume. We’ll watch you in action, and we’ll pull you back if needed, or gently motivate you as we see you adapt. That’s the secret to an effective and sustainable CrossFit journey.

Make sure you hydrate (you should be doing that anyway!) and plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early. Wear workout clothes, sneakers and bring a towel, a water bottle. Make sure you’ve filled out your participation agreement. When you arrive, a coach will greet you to discuss your goals and any movement limitations you may have. We’ll then use this information to customize the workout to suit your experience, your needs and your abilities. Don’t worry… we’ll be right there beside you!

During your 60 minutes with us, we start class by reviewing that day’s workout. We’ll kick off with a gradual warm up and stretching that gets the motors primed and muscles warm. We’ll then transition the class into a thorough skill review that covers each of the movements we’ll be using in that day’s workout. We’ll spend some of this time getting to know you and adjusting the movements based on your experience, abilities and goals. After skill review, we’ll get into the heart of the hour, which is the Workout of the Day, or WOD. Lastly, we’ll cool down, stretch and bask in the glory of completing a kick *ss workout!

Continue to drink and replenish those muscle stores! A protein shake or electrolyte (e.g. coconut water) beverage is recommended. You may experience some delayed soreness that night or in the subsequent 24-48 hours. It’s normal! Continue to move, stretch and make sure you get your next visit planned as you ease your way into a sustainable CrossFit routine which balances both workout and rest/recovery days.

After your trial, take advantage of our Intro Package.


If you like what you experienced during your free trial, then take advantage of our 1-month intro membership! This gives you 30 days of unlimited access to Daybreak to experience more classes, more coaches and meet more members!

And if you’re new, we will also include a personal consultation session to review the basics, talk about your onboarding plan, and help you integrate more quickly into our community!

Choose a monthly membership plan that works for you.


After your intro month, choose from two contract-free membership options: BASELINE or UNLIMITED. The BASELINE membership gets you access to Daybreak about 3 times per week. The UNLIMITED gives you limitless access to all that Daybreak has to offer. For a full list programs included in your membership or for additional private services, go to our PROGRAMS & RATES page.