Name: Kathy C.
Current City:
 Wayland, MA
Originally from: Cambridge, MA
Age: 62
Occupation: Special Education Teacher (retired); Fitness Super Star (full time)



What got you started with CrossFit?  

Sarah, our daughter, had been encouraging my husband, Kevin, and me to give CrossFit a try. We were a little nervous about it after we had attended two competitions she entered and had no idea what was going on! She promised us everything could be scaled and that we actually might enjoy it.

Tell us a little bit about your first class. What was your first WOD?

I actually had to look this up since I couldn’t remember — it was Open 11.5 — 5 cleans, 10 toes to bar (I think we did sit ups instead), and 15 wall balls. I may not have remembered the specific workout but I do remember those wall balls!

What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement or workout?

My least favorite movement is overhead squats as I have a very difficult time with this movement. However I am slowly improving and am working on this for my January goal. My favorite is the tire flip which I could surprisingly do on my first attempt! I never would have thought.

What is your proudest CrossFit accomplishment in the box?  

I actually could climb the rope on my first attempt at rope climbs in a specialty class! I couldn’t believe it since I have always been reluctant to attempt things outside of my comfort zone and this was definitely way outside!

What has been the impact of CrossFit on your life outside the box?

I feel more confident and self-assured (although this could also be part of the aging process!). I began exercising in November 2009 and lost 44 pounds over two years and another six pounds with the Paleo challenge last June. I think trying a new thing, CrossFit for me, and succeeding and seeing progress can have a positive impact on anyone’s life!

Give us one fun fact about yourself. (Something not everyone knows)  

I had never participated in any sports or even exercised my whole life until November 2009. I did have to take a gym class first year of college and it was my first time in a locker room! In fact, when I attended my first bootcamp class (before we found CrossFit), Sarah would attend with me as my “exercise helper”. Thank you, Sarah, for the push and encouragement!

What motivates you when you hit a rough spot in a WOD?

I try to focus and remember how far I’ve come in one year. Our one year CrossFit anniversary will be February 17th! I remind myself not to compare my results with anyone else’s on the white board and just know that I’m getting better. I also truly appreciate the positivity and encouragement from everyone at Daybreak (coaches and other athletes).

What advice would you give someone new to CrossFit or Daybreak?

People new to Daybreak should relax, trust their coaches, and know there is a way for them to complete a WOD. There are so many scaling options and the coaches keep an eagle eye on newbies, as well as everyone else. They are patient with explaining, re-explaining, demonstrating and answering any questions, even ones you might deem silly, like mine, “what do you mean by squeeze your butt?”