THE DETAILS: Looking to pursue your better inside the gym this year? Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to work on various aspects of your functional fitness repertoire!

Not only will these clinics provide you instant advice and feedback, but many will also provide you with takeaways and homework to help you implement the tactics and strategies discussed.

There is also a new toggle under “Member Quick Links” (in the right column of this webpage) called “2022 Member Clinics”. In that toggle, we will have a permanent link to this page so you can always find the details. We’ll also remind you in class and on our daily WOD posts.

TO SIGN UP: You must RSVP through Triib to attend a clinic! Sorry, no exceptions. You’ll sign up for these clinics just like any class… it will open 48 hours prior and you will see them appear on OUR SCHEDULE PAGE and on your mobile app.

Beginner Pull Up

Progressions, skills and accessory movements that lead you to getting your first pull up. Plus, proper mechanics when it comes to kipping

Double Under

Learn tips and tricks to help you master those pesky double unders. Whether you’re a dub ninja, or are a happy single-underer, this class will help you better those unders on your way to some PRs!

The Snatch

Dive into the proper mechanics of the snatch to ultimately build to a heavy 1 rep and possibly a new PR!


Want to make rowing easier? This is the clinic for you! Learn proper timing, tension and form to improve your overall splits and efficiency, to make that elusive 2k row and 500’s feel like a breeze.

MAY 21
The Clean + Jerk

Dive into the proper mechanics of the clean and jerk to ultimately build to a heavy 1 rep and possibly a new PR!

Running Efficiency

A running clinic?! Darn right. Learn proper form and technique for more efficient and safer running… for the long haul!

JULY 23 or 24
Swimming Mechanics

Yes, we’re gonna swim! Make changes to your stroke to become a more efficient swimmer.

The Total

The ultimate HEAVY DAY! The CrossFit Total is the sum of your 1 rep max back squat, press and deadlift. Test all three lifts with proper advice on belts, breathing, knee sleeves, and lifting shoes.

Intermediate Pull Ups

Learn how to link multiple pull ups and chest to bars! Must have at least 3 consecutive strict pull ups and 10 consecutive kipping pull ups.

Advanced Pull Ups

Learn how to volume train your pull ups for 20+ consecutive reps. Plus, learn the proper technique for butterfly pull ups. Must have 10+ consecutive kipping pull up, and 5+ consecutive chest to bar pull ups.

Ring Muscle Up

Learn skills and drills to accomplish a ring muscle up! As a prerequisite for signing up, you must have 3 strict pull ups and 3 strict ring dips. See Mel in advance if you’d like to start working on this requirement.

No Seminar

Daybreak and our community will be giving back to our community… details to follow.