Okay… let’s get it out there. We want you to record your score. On the whiteboard. On the website. Maybe even on your phone.

“But Rap, I’m a fitness ninja. I get in. I get out… never to be seen nor heard… and no one will notice.”

Well… we don’t believe you. CrossFit has done wonders for social fitness by creating an environment where all ages, all abilities, all shapes, all sizes can workout next to one another and — yes, here it comes — COMPETE. There. I said it. Competing is such a powerful, motivating attribute of fitness and it’s what keeps many, if not all, of you coming back for more.

“But I don’t want to be a CrossFit Games athlete. I’m a suburbanite don’t you know. Competing is not my ‘thing’ “

Um, yeah. That’s not our thing either. While we love the “sport” of fitness, i.e. CrossFit Games, that’s not why we’re here, nor why we founded Daybreak.

Rather, when we opened our doors over seven years ago, our goal was to tone it down, make it even more accessible, and create an environment where our clients feel they belong. 

The beauty in what we do, and in what we take a lot of pride, is our ability to modify workouts to each and every one of you… so you can attain that relative intensity and physiological stimulus that is soooooo effective in maintaining your health and wellness. It’s not about RX-ing or “winning”.

“Okay… you get me. So why should I care about writing my score down, I’m not interested in competing.”

There it is. The question. Why should you RECORD YOUR SCORE if you’re not competing? Let’s be honest… if you’re a member of Daybreak… you’re competing. That doesn’t mean you’re trying to out-run, out-squat, or out-fitness your buddy next to you (although for some it is — and that’s okay)… but for many, it means you’re making yourself a little bit uncomfortable, pushing yourself a little more than you’d like, pursuing a little bit of that “better” you’ve come to expect from the effort you’re putting into the workout. In other words, you’re competing against your yesterday self.

Recording our scores on the WHITEBOARD creates a sense of community, a weekly diary of folks who’ve thrown down and suffered those brutal WODs either next to you, before you, or after you.

It can also give you a little bit of motivation on one of those “yuck” days where you just need a little kick in the arse.

Recording our scores on the WEBSITE creates a digital journal that you get to revisit each time we do that workout again. While CrossFit thrives on variety, we also like to measure our progress. Writing your workout score on the website helps us measure our progress… Are we getting fitter? Did we move faster? Did we lift heavier? Did we feel better?

“Yeah, okay, but sometimes I have an off day and don’t want to post it. How do I account for that?”

Look, we ALL have our off days. We ALL have been a little sore from the prior day’s workout. We know you’ll have great days and not-so-great days. And you know what… that’s okay. We’re not looking for a visit to excuse-ville of why you didn’t PR, but there’s no shame in stating you just didn’t have it that day.

To help get you on your “recording” way, we’ve broken down the recipe to a successful website post. Go ahead, give it a try!