About Mel

Mel is an accomplished CrossFit athlete and coach. She's competed on the world stage, and is one of the few Level 3 Certified trainers in New England. She has worked for CrossFit HQ in their L1 Seminar Staff and now enjoys bringing world-class fitness to her members as Co-Owner and Head Coach of Daybreak CrossFit.

WOD: Wed 10.21.2020 “Hungry-Man”

20 Minutes for Quality
20 Dumbbell Bent Over Row
20 Dumbbell Glute Bridge
20 Dumbbell Upright Row
20 Dumbbell 3-Way Lunge
20 Dumbbell Curls
200 Meter Suitcase Carry
-- Rest 2 Minutes --
10 Minutes for Quality
20 Bicycle Sit Ups
20 Side Plank with Crunch
5 Slow Inchworms
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Toe Reach

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