On Saturday, October 29th grab a buddy and get ready to throwdown! We are hosting a member-friendly internal competition that features two partner workouts followed by a potluck brunch and social. These workouts will be accommodating to all our members, regardless of skill, ability, age and tenure. We’ll also be continuing the tradition of the “Best Costume” contest for those teams who go above and beyond!
The workouts will get started at 8:30a, and the social will follow at 10:00a (BYOB and brunch is our typical potluck style). Sign up at the front desk (both partners names and potluck contribution) by Monday, October 24th. If you need a partner, just let Mel know!


WHEN: Saturday, October 29th from 8:30a-10:00a. Please RSVP on the sign-up sheet at the front desk by Monday 10/24
WHAT: Two Partner Workouts, a Costume Contest and a Brunch Potluck
Everyone can participate! And family is welcome to watch the throwdown and join in on the potluck!
WEAR: Costumes HIGHLY recommended


Frankenstein – Janice, Julia + Caroline
Mummy – Jim + Jen
Zombie – Katy + Neal
Witch – Megha + Rahul
Goblin – Katie + Erin
Skull – Amanda + Marina
Ghoul – Brie + Andrew
Werewolf – Libbi + James
Tarantula – David + Brian
Vampire – Jack + Pat
Jackolantern – Alissa + Lauren
Candy Corn – Brett + Eric
RIP – Marianne + Jess
Black Cat – Marisol + Alejandro
Bat – Uma, Finley + Rhea
Scary – Robyn + Sara M
Spooky – Lourdes + BAM
Haunted – Shaun + Gabbi
Creepy – Ana + Lynne
Frightening – Tony + Todd
Crawley – Dawn + Robin
Gorey – Jon + Hori
Boogie Man – Jim + Trish
Ghost – MaryBeth + Amy


Partner DT
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Weight: 95/65

Pairs will complete the AMRAP “you go, I go” style. Partner one will complete one full round of “DT” before partner two completes a round. Make sure on the deadlifts your hips open fully at the top, with your shoulders behind the bar. AFTER your twelfth deadlift is complete THEN you may go into your hang cleans, don’t do a clean (power clean) from the floor on that last rep. For the hang cleans, make sure your elbows pass the through to the other side of the bar and your legs and hips extend before the bar leaves your shoulders for the next rep. And for the jerks, they must be PUSH jerk, no splitting. Your score is total rounds.

50 Calorie Bike
50 Burpees over the Bar
50 Front Squats

Weight: 95/65

Pairs will complete the chipper by dividing reps/calories any way they’d like. Pairs must complete the bike before moving to the burpees, and the burpees before moving to the front squats. Only one person works at a time. For the burpees, you must take off and land with two feet, and for the front squats the crease of the hip must go below and knee with full extension of the hip and knee at the top. The cap is 10 minutes.

*only 5 teams will advance!