• VETERAN’S DAY: On Thursday, November 11, all classes will be doing the HERO WOD “CHAD” which consists of 1000 step-ups to a 20″ box (weighted or unweighted) for time. You can do this solo, you can partner up, or you can scale the height and/or weight and/or number of reps. It’s about the why we do it, not the how. Click HERE for more details.
  • NOVEMBER CLINIC: On Friday, November 12, at 6pm Coach James will dive deep into proper mechanics, breathing technique, and core engagement, for Power AND Olympic lifting. Be prepared to MOVE! Sign up on Triib starting Wed 11/10.


“Cat Nap”

3 Rounds
10 Clean + Jerks
15 Calorie Bike

Weight: 185/135

3 Rounds
10 Clean + Jerks
12 Calorie Bike

Weight: 155/105

3 Rounds
10 Clean + Jerks
9 Calorie Bike

Weight: 115/75

Choose a weight for the clean and jerks that you intentionally have to drop between every rep! The clean and jerks could take up to 2:00 to complete. The calorie bike will take around :60 to complete, and is an opportunity to flush out your legs and recover for the next round of weightlifting. Target 10 minutes.

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