The DAYBREAK COMMITTED CLUB is happy to announce it’s newest inductees! Even with the pandemic, these members showed they had the motivation, commitment and (given this year) the perseverance to get their butts into the gym.  This year’s class boasts 13 new 500 CLUB members and 4 new 1000 CLUB members. For those new to Daybreak, that’s 500 class check-ins and 1000 class check-ins… aka a whole lotta fitness.

What’s even more cool about this batch of kick ass members is that we have the first appearance of some of our original TEENS… Morgan and Bella! Congrats ladies for balancing school, social and your health!

The new 500 CLUB photos will be up soon as well as the coveted 1000 CLUB badges! Be sure to give these Daybreakers a fist bump or high five the next time you see them!

1000 CLUB

Dusty Ladieu
Sharon Ralston
Brian Tartfufo
Chris Williams

500 CLUB

Morgan Bleakley
Paul Ciciarelli
Jim Douthit
Bella Faber
Chris Gabel
Jack Garvey
Jonathan Horne
Kristen Lorenze
Tatiana Morozova
Rahul Sethi
Tyler Sperry
Tricia Turner
Lynette Zickl