• 2023 Internal Team Throwdown: ALL members (noobies to advanced) are welcome to participate in a friendly in-house competition! Mel will make teams of three, who will compete together in 2-3 workouts, on Saturday May 13th, from8:30-10a. There will be a potluck SOCIAL to follow. Family and friends are welcome to cheer you on and join in for the social. Sign up at the front desk to participate! More details HERE


Front Squat
7×2, across
at 85-90%

GOALS + GUIDANCE: HEAVY DAY!! Coaches will help you build to a HEAVY weight for today’s front squat sets. Each rep should require you to think, pause at the top, reset your breath, and slow you down. As always, form and range of motion are non-negotiable. YES, today you can wear a belt!