“Drop it”

3 Rounds
100′ DB Lunge
6 Wall Walks
500/400 Meter Row

Weight: 35/25

3 Rounds
100′ DB Lunge
6 Mod Wall Walks
400/350 Meter Row

Weight: 25/15

3 Rounds
75′ DB Lunge
6 Inchworms
350/300 Meter Row

Weight: 15/10

Double DB walking lunges! Yup, you read that right, hold two dumbbells in the suitcase position (cannot be held on shoulders) as you lunge 100 feet in 25 foot increments. You may put them down at any point, but try to get at least 25 feet before resting. The six wall walks will take around :6t0 to complete, scale the number of reps to fit the time domain before scaling the movement. Then row the 500/400 meters in 2:00 or less (scale meters to fit the time domain.) Target 15 minutes.

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