• HOLIDAY PARTY ANNOUNCED! Apps, Trivia, Music and Dancing! THIS SATURDAY January 18th at Conrad’s in Sudbury for BOTH gyms. Details HERE.
  • JAN + FEB MOVEMENT CHALLENGE: Strict pull ups (band, chin or chest). This 8 week challenge, will help you strengthen your shoulders and pulling strength to get your first pull up, help string multiple together, chest to bars and bar/ring muscle ups. You perform strict pull ups 2x/week, along with accessory work like ring rows, negatives and static holds. At the desk are worksheets to keep track of your progress.


“All Over Again”
7 Rounds:
10 Max Broad Jumps
300 Meter Run
Rest 90 Seconds

WOD Guidance & Goals:
Rebound 10 broad jumps right into a 300 meter run. Target 2 minutes per round. 

Post Intervals to Comments. Compare scores HERE.


Today’s workout


Courtesy of Burgener Strength


1) Back squat: 60%x 10 reps, 70%x 8 reps, 75%x 6 reps, 80%x 4 reps.

2) Front squat: 60%x 5 reps, 70%x 5 reps x 3 sets.

3) GHD Back Extensions: 3 x 15 (45/25)