• INTERNAL TEAM THROWDOWYes… you can smell it in the air, can’t you! It’s that time of year to get together for a friendly team-style competition amongst Daybreakers. This is the time to get your name etched on our Championship cup for all to see!
    WHEN: Saturday, September 21st
    TIME: ARRIVE: 2:30p // WOD 3-5p // FOOD/LIBATIONS 5-7p
    WHO: ALL Daybreakers: Noobies to Veterans… ALL fitness and experience levels will be able to compete in a low stress, friendly environment!
    WHERE: Our ACTON Location (53 Know Trail) since last year was in Wayland
    BRING: A food item, beverage of choice and a chair to sit in to cheer on your fellow competitors.Sign up at the front desk by Monday, September 16! We will then create and post balanced teams.
  • #800gChallenge: BONUS POINT WEEK 2
    You can get the bonus point for week 2 if you eat at least 50 grams of leafy greens. This new bonus point starts on
    Monday and runs through next Sunday. Remember, you must hit 800g to be eligible for the bonus point. Leafy green items include all the lettuces, spinach, chard, greens (collards, beet greens), cabbages, fresh herbs like basil or cilantro, arugula, watercress… if it looks like a leaf and it’s green, it counts!


On the 3 Minute for 21 Minutes
400 Meter Run
2 x (Hang Power Clean + Power Clean (185/135))

WOD Guidance & Goals:
There is a built in rest to this workout. The run should take around 2 minutes. And the lifts should take :2-:30. Choose a weight that you can complete the 4 barbell movements consecutively while fresh. During the workout you may break up the 2 sets.

Post Weight to Comments. Compare scores HERE.


3 Rounds
2 min fast, 1 min rest
400m fast, 1 min rest
1 min fast, 1 min rest
200m fast, 1 min rest
Rest 3 min between sets